ayo lejin

2008-06-30 12:28:30 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

heres a rresponse i cudnt send cuz ur bitch ass blocked me

At 6/29/08 5:04 PM, Lejin wrote:
: you a fagget for letting somebody put they finger up your ass and change. lmfao pussy fart ass n***a XD

ur a fagget for
1. not tellin me u were usin the beat
2. suckin when u got on it n ruinin it

ur music aint shit bruh u need to pull ya head out ya ass n look at ur shit cuz u aint goin nowhere outside NG with that bullshit bruh foreal



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2009-04-29 23:40:17

lol hell nah, real funny shit. man that dude an't nothing but a kid who pulls kiddy shit on this website. and your right is is the only site that he can talk shit on let him go to sound click or roc battle. i bet he would get his shit rocked. lamo.

stay up bro.