fuck lejin

2008-07-02 14:59:25 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

since u blocked me like tha bitch ass no talent havin mothafucka u are this is the onli way i can get at u

so fuck u

honestly tell me where all this bullshit ur putin out is goin? huh? u aint goin nowhere boi go on eni real site like rocbattle.com n see if people really feel ur shit u wack mothafucka

post up a mixtape on datpiff.com n see how fuckin far that shit gets

evrytime sum1 sez sumthin u dont wana hear u come out with gay shit like "u steal makeup" or "u suck yo momma" n u got your head so securly inserted in ur ass that u cant imagine urself bein wack, when ur problly the wackest bastard on here, uv got no flow n no decent lyrics ur shit is jus garbage DJ SES cud hand ur ass to u eni day man i aint jus sayin that cuz im rollin with him im statin the obvious, evry one here knows it.

get tha fuck outta here with ur annoyin gay bullshit u lil punk make sum real music this is hip hop man go post ur shit in the pop section if ur gonna carry on, its real borin son

n all my beats are wack? why wud u steal wack beats? when was the last time u made a beat? when woz the last time that shit woz hot? i cant rememba hearin nothin hot from u even when we woz cool, i woz supportin u but the shit woz still wack, ur egos taken over now so ur neva gonna get eni better n ur neva gonna move from NG cuz that shit aint neva gonna work on anotha site foreal

u suck

KO -1-



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2008-07-04 01:03:40

Wow... I've been in the shadows too long, ain't notice you was gettin at n***a too. That's what it is, welcome aboard the "Clear NG Of Bitch Assness Express."

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

haha all aboard


2008-07-05 19:57:48

You got fiyah beats, that's why he steals 'em. No worries, I ain't even that good a producer and he stole one of mine, then proceeded to ruin the flow of the track with horrible EQ and mastering. He pulled his soundclick site because he had no chart movement. Now I ain't on rocbattle and I doubt I could live that long on that after hearin' Boonie May/Boon Doc's tracks on there, as well as many others, but then again I don't do battle tracks...but I broke top 500 today in SoundClick with a track, so I'm secure in my ability to produce for certain genres. Where's the Biggest Baddest Legend of NG's soundclick charts at?

Keep it up and keep it pimpin'. Kill'em on the track.


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

haha foreal lejin SUCKS, i think the highest i got woz 64 on my old account, i made a new one then forgot the email for it tho =| haha

thanks for the comment bruh


2008-07-08 14:29:11

Dj Ses... lol martyn, you do know that's the fakest dude up on NG right? Lejin doesn't even take him serious man. He's fake as hell.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

no one takes lejin serious


2008-07-08 20:42:09

No offense but, anyone that comes here to be taken seriously as an artist is missing the entire point of this site. If you wanna get taken seriously as an artist then stop offering your shit as royalty free tracks yo. Get that bread kid.

Nothing else matters and you know it. Real talk. Stop fucking with Ses' punkass.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

yeh i aint just on here tho im sellin shit on about 3 otha sites, i dont even post full shit on here im jus doin it cuz i grew up on tha site so im helpin tha music stay hot with tha utha vets tht stayed around, music all day wth me man if sum1 makes music purely for money they turn into 50 cent..