what it iz

2008-07-10 09:38:44 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

whats good?!

iight 1st off

to make an announcment..

im done with beefin on this site. fuck it.

people can use beats i drop to diss eachutha but i aint gettin involved no more its borin, plus i got people on both sides dat im kool with n they about to clash foreal from what iv read n been hearin.

yall need to chill out n get back to the music.

lemme clear sum shit up tho

1. Lejin - If ur gonna beef with enione PLEASE stop makin childish shit up then usin it agenst em because it gets borin as fuck realllllll fast n people laff at u, plus its a real unproffessional attitude to have that u cant take critisism when u desperatly need it.

2. Ses - keep doin ya thing but u gotta chill out when sum1 tells u sumthin u dont wana hear brah, like when cajete sed sumthin n u tried to get his address n shit, calm down man is it worth smackin sum1 ova sm internet shit? jus change ya attitude up n make sum hot music man thats why people shud b here ratha thn beefin with eachutha all the time.

3. Cajete - Ses showed me what u sed bout what happend with u n NDP n u know as well as i do that ALOT of that woz bullshit n u aint got tha right to call me n saynt cock suckaz for stayin with tha crew when u left n called urself an exile bruh u woz the bitch in that situation not tha utha way round. we woz an army n reven woz the general he wernt sum power hungry bastard like u made him sound, so please dont talk shit about it, u got sumthin to say bout NDP say it to me not utha people cuz i bet u aint ONCE said eny of that shit to an actual NDP member. i remember when it started man it woz me n u then reven then saynt n we were fuckin killin it man i cant understand why u left at all, that woz ur problem not ours.

im done with tha beefin now i jus had to get that shit off my chest so reply to this shit in a professional manor cuz i rele cant be fucked with all the shit talkin people wud normally put if they dont agree with what ive just said

Money/Music > Bullshit -1-

Chek Out Tha Myspace

what it iz


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2008-07-11 11:22:09

Lejin, he seriously doesn't take SES for nothing. To him, SES is a little girl he fucks with every time SES drops a diss and honestly after seeing what type of person SES is... I wouldn't waste a beat of mines on that female either. Now I see... now I really ask myself... "Shit... Why should we take this n***a serious?" He wont even accept a 1 on 1 beat battle. All this shit started when Lej stepped in to help Broken Needle when he was being attacked by all these n***as who we know now today as the former RMP. In my eye's Lej did the right thing in helping someone who's out number. That act was just and me... I probably would have done the same.

Ses has no respect from anyone anymore... Even your homies have told me so. He has no respect from anyone. Lejin should end DJ SES's newgrounds career for good if you ask me. Ses is the type of person who will throw a rock as run.

About NDP... When NDP started, no one was a leader, no one was a general everyone was equal. That's what made the NDP bond and unity so strong. When you put someone in charge sooner or later it falls apart. Like, DPD, like AEP, and like RMP. Leadership on these things cause conflict in the long run as proven in the past. I left cause I felt like Luis was running NDP and I wanted to do my own shit. That's really all I have to say on that because that's all that happened, that's just the way I feel. You telling me "Oh why didn't you tell any of this to NDP members first?" Well why the fuck didn't you get at me about this before you posted it up? But the past is the past and I'm over that as you can see. But what you don't see is that SES uses you like his little pawn. And you really need to stop, your the type of n***a to make assumptions really quick. Do research before you make assumptions and accusations.


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

im not interested in all that shit bout lejin i woz beefin with him for my own reasons

haha dats RICH sayin ask you about it 1st, u run ur mouth off all tha time boi i remember u dissin me to reven then he sent me the convo u woz havin. u jus run ur mouth off to enione u happen to be talkin bout then get all bitch about it.

ses uses me as his pawn? LMFAO WHAT?! he dint tell me bout drop em for 1 thing i came back on here like 2 weeks afta he posted, i showed him the utha beat n he rapped on it, i went at lejin cuz he spit on the need an army beat but he rapped for about a minute then started sayin gay shit bout makeup.. n ur rollin with that dude? damn alberto i used to look upto u foreal

i aint beefin or rollin with enione on here apart from luis, i aint no ones pawn, i dint go thru a year of a stage 3 production course to be controlled by enione n i definatly aint lookin up at u no more i cant trust u no more n its cuz u run ur mouth way too much, in tha same convo u were talkin bout NDP to ses u were dissin lejin aswel, now ur here talkin shit the utha way round, come on man



2008-07-11 23:28:32

Run my fucking mouth? N***a I don't have to fucking lie to anyone or anything. I'll tell you str8 up. I don't fucking like you, NDP got gay, that's why I left and Luis is aware of that. I have no problems with Saynt, or Rev and they know it and I say fuck ses, cause Lejin's my boi. That's motha fucking it.

You tell people to write back in a professional matter and I do and you run YOUR mouth now. You gave Ses a beat to diss Lejin, you talk shit about it, and now you back out cause you know this n***a gots no respect from no one and it'll make you look bad.

Lejin hasn't said a sing l fucking thing about you or fucked with you and you give SES a beat post up comments like talking about that n***as dead blah blah blah. You n***a you were looking for beef.

Fucking tell me I run my mouth. N***a get some hardcore facts before you tell me I said what I said. Cause you made some invalid points up there.

Seriously stop painting pictures homeboi that's all your doing. Paint pictures making me look like a loose cannon. If you have issues with me hit me up first exactly like you said you hypocrite ass n***a.


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

haha i aint made shittt up i saw the words u said urself n if that aint "hardcore evidence" enuf then have no idea what is.

i aint even tell ses to spit at lejin, like i said, i dissed him for my own reasons, which iv already sed, n still iv got u talkin shit at me.

i cud give a fuck if u dont like me cuz i dont like betrayers, which essentially is wot u are, u say u like rev n saynt but that doesnt stray away from the fact that u still betrayed them. infact if i recall u came back, left, came back, and left again then told SES that NDP is your "arch enemy" and that ur an "exile"

n thats wot id class
as runnin ur mouth



2008-07-12 08:56:41

You think I fucking betrayed cause I left. Just cause I had my problems with Luis I guess you and Saynt thought I was your instant enemy. The minute I beefed with Luis both of you stop talking to me. None of you tried to get both perspectives of what was happening. Instead you chose sides and backed him up. There's a difference between being loyal to someone and riding a dick. I personally don't care if you don't care that I don't like you. It's just my opinion my views of you.

I don't even fucking know why your brought this NDP shit up? Your bring up the past for what? I'm done with NDP beef, it was buried a long time ago. But see, that's what SES uses you for. A little pawn, your his bitch. This has nothing to do with my beef with SES. I started reading your blog I read what you wrote about Lejin and I was like... "Ok..." read what you wrote about SES and was like "OK..." except the part where you said "is it worth smackin sum1 ova sm internet shit?" cause that n***a is a pussy who lives 20 minutes from me has my address and won't come through. Then I read what you wrote about me and the first thing I said was "What the fuck does this have to do with DJ Ses and me?"

Your like CNN, like the fucking media, stiring up trouble and spreading shit. Drop the NDP bullshit it's old news it was done a long time ago. Be a fucking man, take a hit, shut the fuck, keep producing and let's all fucking drop this WHACK ass shit. It's fucking retarded how I gotta come on here to defend myself against this bullshit so people don't think I'm the loose cannon on here.



BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

lol how cud u actuly expect us to not get involved in that beef then take ur side? it woz me saynt n reven man ofcorse we woz gonna stick togetha durin that we wernt fuckin dick ridin wtf is dat about, loyalty n dick ridin r diffrent things man u wernt bein loyal to ur crew n we were thats all it woz.

i bought it up cuz u bought it up with ses, i have no fuckin idea why u bought it up let alone with sum1 u hate. explain to me wtf makes me his pawn? why do u keep sayin that? it doesnt make eni sence to call me his pawn because i have my own opinions about people.

wot i wrote about u dint have enithin to do with ur beef with ses, it woz wot he showed me about u talkin shit, so again how can u expect me to not respond while ur hidin behind aim paintin ur own picture of me bein a dick rider, because im loyal and ur not.

but like i sed originally i aint tryna beef i woz jus sayin wots on my mind so now its out in the air lets lay it to rest n get on with sum music



2008-07-12 10:01:23

be·tray (b-tr)
tr.v. be·trayed, be·tray·ing, be·trays
a. To give aid or information to an enemy of; commit treason against: betray one's country.
b. To deliver into the hands of an enemy in violation of a trust or allegiance: betrayed Christ to the Romans.

I just left NDP, that wasn't betrayal. You need to go back to grammar school or take some ginkgo biloba pills cause you have serious memories issues.

You got a problem with Lejin dissing on one of your beats, yet you don't have a problem with Ses dissing on your beat... The really makes sense...

You just like Ses cause that n***a is nice to you. lol

I'm done here. wasting my time.

Peece the fuck out.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

so u were completely loyal to the clique? iight thn LOL

ses dint come out with gay shit bout makeup like lejin did tho, he actuly rapped on it

ever heard of moral rights? dats havin a say in where ur musics used n if u dont like that then u can object, which i did.

get outta here with ur shit n go mke ANOTHA version of crushin the opposition or sumthin



2008-07-12 19:10:51

moral rights?

lol you think u fucking with legal shit n***a? This is NG... fucking moral rights.... your funny as hell...

ill go make a new crushin... and you work on trying a diffrent style for once in your life.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:


biggie remix - eastcoast
drop em - hardcore
ride slow - midwest
ryder - underground
souljah muzik - south

5 diffrent styles

now u go n work on tryin a different SONG -1-


2008-07-12 23:52:49

You gonna bite me casper LOL!!!

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

u know tha white boy'll bite u lmao


2008-07-13 15:38:12

Cajete, your a little two-face little bitch. I got so much proof to show that you've been making nothing but bitch moves but I ain't even gonna bother putting you out like that. So go on, try to pull off this tough guy act.

"From: Cajete
Sent: 07/05/08 22:00
Subject: Re: yo.
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yo listen, i didnt mean no disrespect. we shouldn't even be beefing, were both from south fl. i was little abrupt by rating your shit a 1 it was a good track. but feel me for a second put your self in my shoes, ive been seeing all this internet drama on here for such a long time and im kinda of tired of it u feel me? but w.e. bro i aint beefing with you. as a matter of fact you wont even hear from me again."

Lol why you gonna drop the beef with me, then go behind my back and throw up messages saying Im afraid of you lmao. My question is.. why u actin two-face bruh? i leave ng for 2 seconds thinking the beef with you and me was cleared and u go off spamming up bullshit. Why is it that when I confront you.. you AVOID me, start sending your friends to "spam" me, and then run off telling bullshit ass emo stories to ppl to make me look like the big bad wolf. bruh all i wanted to do was go to your crib and punch you in the face.. but your over here talkin bout shooting me with a gun and calling the police so of course i aint gonna swing if u talkin bout bringin heat and the feds into this. See.. I'll fight a little bitch like you anyday cuz little bitches like you only hide behind dey friends. but I ain't gonna put my life or me gettin rope for some little internet emotional gas'd up ng artist. all im saying is all that aint necessory.. all i wanted was that one. and martyn u kno i been sayin this since day 1.. Cajete is a little bitch lol. Cajete you've been making nothing but bitch moves and thats why i dont respect you cajete. And if your gonna cry just cuz i dont respect you then suck it up on move on buddy. its life. and ive heard uve been rapping so pick up the mic and battle me. if not then stop trynna make a big show n shit. We wouldn't want your "wife and kids" getting into this like "you said" lmao. Why dont you tell Lejin the same shit you told me on that IM conversation. why you sayin shit like i wanted to hop on ur beats? ur new beats are wack. martyn beats go down hard but urs dont (and dont get mad cuz i dont wanna hop on any of ur lame az tracks either) the most i can say bout u cajete is.. ur old work was good but ur new shit is wack all ur beats sound the same. lmao and if i wanted to hop on yo beats dont you think i wouldve asked u? why u gonna lie and say i wanted to hop on your beats? wen you wuz the one that was trynna to get me to diss lejin on dat wack ass redemption track you showed me. and i dont remember shit about me saying i wanted to hop on yo beats. So why don't you tell people the full truth and stop runnin yea mouth
i dunt got time for all this talk az well.. i got money to make, if u ever want that one without any "guns or calling the police" den holla@me. -1-

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:


my point well n truely proven i believe


2008-07-13 18:30:08

I know the white boy likes biting dick , is that herpies on your upper lipp your over grown sperm? XD lmfao bite bite bite (cock bite)

(Updated ) BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

see thats what i mean about not bein able to tke u serious, ur a fuckin clown n u SUCK at music


2008-07-13 22:13:10

Ayo can I say something Martyn ( i never spell it right lol still got love for u tho lol) but Alberto is still my n***a regardless what he has done through out all the beef through out everything thas still my n***a I still remember the hours we spent on the phone teaching each other tips and fact about how to produce and how we seen music and lord knows about all the collaberations we've done I understand Alberto was wrong calling himself an exile after he left NDP but bruh life goes on . I don't believe that when you and saynt had my back it's not dick riding it's loyality to your crew and that's what we're had for the past 2 years mang regardless that you stay in the UK you still my brother mang and so is cj I got chu guys until the end of time I wanna be making beatz with you guys until we need hearing AIDS lmao in life holding gurdges is not worth it

Alberto can make music I love his melodies his mastering has gotten better and his techniques are becoming better
thas my opinion his use of instruments bring classical music to hip hop and bring a hearfelt emotional vibe that takes my breath away

Martyn you've stepped up since day one You never cease to amaze me when i go on your myspace to hear your new shit as soon as the beat drops i start freestylin off rip just cause you bring a killah vibe that no one can take away from you

Saynt my pupil has been doing excatly what I've knew he was gonna do from the get go thas why i had him join NDP that's why I mentored him his creativeness is unsurpassed to anyone that I've ever known

DJ Ses ..lol some of your beatz do need alot of work your melodies have sharp's in it but recently I've heard a difference your mixing down needs work you can have the hottest melody and the hottest drums but if it isn't mixed down right you have a hot beat that no one can rap off of your rapping style is similar to every punchline rapper, rocko, young jeezy, young joc etc i don't favor it but if that's what you wanna do then do because some ppl say i sound like lil wanye

Stop with the talking shit Stop it
I got a bread truck get up off that crumb shit we need to influence each other not talk this and that cuz all it does is bring more uproar FUCK THE BEEF
fuck the talking shit just leave it alone and be the best musician you can be

P.S what happened to the beat i asked you for damn n***as yours means so just cuz your selling em' now i can't get a free one damn n***a that hurts LMAO

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

das right silence evryone, tha king haz spoken haha.

im glad u made dat comment luis cuz i knew dat you'd b the one that wud make sum sence in the middle of it all haha.

u can understand why i got defensive over bein called a dickrider for stickin with my crew tho right? i neva understood that.

but yo lmao i tried sendin it n it woz too big so ima render it smaller then send it, true story haha ull get it today brah -1-


2008-07-16 21:08:10

Damn since you, alberto, and luis said something, i might as well too shit lol.

Imma make my comment as brief cuz luis ass writing them essays and newspaper articles lmao. naw im playing.

Martyn, you my n***a and you know this. Known you for a long ass time man. you kno i gotcha back on everything. Your gettin better with ur music each day mang. its crazy. Ur gritty grimey style is ridicuolous Keep doin ur thing man! Nothing but respect for ya.

Alberto, we had our quarrels in the past. i did shit that i shouldnt of did. i understand that it was loyalty when i took a shot atchu when you and lu were beefin...but at the same time, it wasnt my issue cuz lu had it on his own. i chose to jump in. I was stupid of me mang. but you still my dude. I love ur music...and thats the truth. You gotta style like no other homie! keep doin what ur doing n***a!

Luis...you already know. i dont hv to say much cuz i tlked to you almost everyday. you showed me shit since day one. EQin, and learning meldoies. I aint gotta say much cuz he already knows hw i feel abt him.


naw lemme stop lmfao.

all im saying is:

make beats, sell beats, get money, live life without drama!

--Lil Saynt is out!


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

lmao u crazy saynt.

but yeh, iv dropped all the shit, i still see people talkin shit about me but thats their problem

u my dude saynt NDP till tha wheels fall offf hahaa -1-


2008-07-19 13:19:28

lmfao, reading this entire thing, I noticed how much bullshit Lej told Cajete. The only person who even said something about Broken Needle was me, and that was in my first diss track towards Lejin. I threw 2 lines and BN, and 4 lines at BN's boy, Seraphic. This entire thing started out with Lejin and KillBill, because Billy said that Lej needs to turn up his vocals since the beat was drowning him out. Next thing you know, Lej starts popping mad shit at Billy, and they end up battling each other. The way I got involved was by saying that Billy beat Lej, so he started lashing out at me because I didn't take his side. Lejin even went as far as saying Wyte Noize wasn't that great anymore since he made the beat for Billy's battle track. No one picked on BN, Seraphic, or even someone on this site known as Dj Ltd. I still don't even know how Lej believes that I started shit with Ltd. Something happened on some sorta voice over ip program that Ltd was on, and someone went on there posing as me, and started talking shit to Ltd. The next day, Ltd approached me on the subject, and I had nothing to do with it. So we basically cleared it up right there. As far as everything else, it's kinda obvious that Lej attacks anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with him. I have plent of people PMing me telling me to hurry up and diss him, but they dun wanna say anything to him because they dun want to get involved. That guy has nothing better to do with his time, so he lives on NG making death threats. It's w/e though.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

haha that woz a pretty accurate summary of him to be honest


2008-07-20 13:24:57

what about me? no one mentioned my name,
pls someone say my name

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

zajed man

ur music is off the fuckin hook!!!!!


2008-07-21 00:49:58

this got nuthing to do with ya post but Ive been listening to your stuff and the quality and everything is real good man. I know you use or used reason. But I think you said you use Logic. Do you? And if you do, is it easy to learn, cause I'm think about getting it.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

yeah i use reason at home n logic at college man, logics a betta program but u need a Mac to use it. its a really complicated program if u were to learn it on ur own tho, obviously iv had a teacher show me what it has to offer n how to use it, if u get it i cud prolly give u a tutorial cuz i find it pretty easy now that iv been usin it for a year. its worth learnin tho its one f the best programs iv come across n the amount of sounds it comes with is rediculus, its also got evrythin u need to master tracks to pro quality so its pretty much the only program ull need


2008-07-24 00:36:34

yeah I use a mac so I could prolly get it. Mabey then we can get like the first logic collab on NG going lol.

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

once im back at college we cud, but the project files (equivelant of zip files on FL studio) are usually huge so ud have to get at me on aim with one


2008-08-19 08:28:07

Now.... i aint got jack to do with this but u all make good beats lol...

So stick with each other...

"stfu mayney wt u on bout"

Im on bout the fact ur argueing over a website thats all.



BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

stfu mayney wt u on bout lmao


2008-08-22 18:30:11

You TELL EM B!! Youse the best.


2008-10-05 23:45:39

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/177135 chk that out my nig


2008-10-17 16:08:59

check out my bros music page