wats poppin

2008-11-04 22:42:03 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

need tagz for tha takeova 3


Intro/Exclusive Track
Drop Em
Tha mob pt 1
Dope boy swag
Tha mob pt. 2
Ride slow
Between Da Linez
Dat cali

iv got diffrent styles comin out of me right now, i hear yall robotic soundin producers on here stickin to the rules doin the same ol same ol haha not me man ima show u wots really good

keep watchin

send tags to martyn.mccue@ntlworld.com

wats poppin


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2008-11-04 22:57:59


BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

lmao, thanks for telling me that, after 17 years i hadnt realised i woz white


2008-11-07 07:49:55

lol, look who's talking. I'm over here officially spending 13 grand on a studio wit my bois, and you making cheap photo shop albums, advertising semi-mainstream bullshit on new grounds thus rendering you to achieve a real producer status. lol

lmao casper why you such a hypocrite?

whats up with ur eyes? Did the eye of music take them? lmao hahahaha

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

13 gand on a studio? to make music people cant spit on? to make music that people wont buy? to buy things u prolly dont know how to use? are you still using fucking fruity loops? do u know how to use logic? do u even know anything about contracts, royalties, publishing deals, how to read contracts or reversion and determination clauses in them? do u know how to master propperly? do you even know what kind of machine u need to print propperly on cd's? do u know how to get em burned propperly without usin a PC?

ull blow all ur money and never make it back and end up with a load of stuff u dont know how to use, ull think "oo a big mixing desk, ill get one of those" then u wont know the 1st fucking thing about it, whereas i have already learned how to use evrythin by actuly gettin myself on a course at college that tells me evrythin i need to know, leaving you without the faintest clue with no buzz other than NG.

get the fuck outta here


2008-11-08 19:36:43

casper, did you read the fucking response to revens review on that song. go look at the link on his blog and SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. jeeeeeeeez

I make music because I love it, it's my hobby, I don't do it for money. When did I ever say I was building a studio solely for the purpose of recording rap tracks? Your really misguided.

I'm sorry mr. music expert. mr. "ive been in music school for almost a year now but i know it all."

the industry isn't as complicated as you make it sound. and through time you learn to use the equipment, it's really not a big deal.................................


2008-12-06 20:24:58

I still use FL D:

But seriously. Music is music. If I know how to do most things in FL that are in Logic, Cubase, or even Reason, what's the point of changing? I might as well stay with FL since it has an easier layout. Though it is possibly the easiest to make music on, it doesn't make it any worse than any other program that's out there. As long as you can make good music, that's what counts :D

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

u speak the truth haha.

what fl severely lacks is the ability to actuly edit evrything live, for example with logic reason n cubase u can take things out/create new melodies with the same instrument without haavin to make a new pattern for it, logic has alotta advanced features tho, its definatly more advanced, but its woteva, u consistantly bang out hits on FL anyways

if u eva get a mac tho.. logic pro 8 haha


2008-12-08 01:58:22

There is an easy way to get around that though. You can put everything in the piano roll on a certain pattern, and place the entire thing within the automation section. There you can easily cut and loop a section, and when you want to use the rest, just reset what you got and put the entire roll there. I barely ever use piano roll though, since I'm a sample producer. I find FL's interface very useful. Probably because I've been using it since 01. As long as you enjoy making it is what I say.


2008-12-18 19:46:51

i dont understand anything you've just said O_O


2008-12-23 16:07:00

n***a u talkin shit suck my left nut n***a not tha right ses is already on that one BITCH!!!! hahahahaha

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:

fuck off noob


2009-05-27 15:09:14

Hey my good man, check your PMs when you get a chance.