Entry #1

heres sumthin

2007-11-26 09:45:23 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

check out "we dont play"

an "real"

cuz haters mowed them down as soon as they hit the site

no one evn saw em

i mean i posted em at a stupid time in tha day wen no one woz on

but god damn



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2007-11-29 19:24:07

Hey, maybe you should take your pic on MySpace and put it on here, it'd look muthafuckin' awesome



2007-12-03 17:39:34

Hey, if I made you some labels for your CD Icons would you use em?

BeAtBrEaKeR187 responds:



2007-12-11 17:22:06

ok cool, give me link to what you like, stylewise and Ill try and mix it in with my own!


2008-04-18 14:22:08

Welcome to my world.