2009-08-18 22:45:53 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

My Drum n Bass album entitled Junglist is finished and it's sounding crazy.

The album has a few unreleased tracks on it as well as some you may have heard, but anyway, here is the tracklisting:

[1st time Mixed, 2nd time Full Unmixed]

1. Chaos Zone [2:53/2:56]

2. Pure Jungle [1:47/2:03]

3. Shark Attack [3:44/4:37]

4. Blunt Wrap [2:19/3:10]

5. Junglist [4:46/5:04]

6. Steppin In [Extended Mix] [5:09/6:02]

7. No Imitation [Feat. Parly B] [2:24/3:54]

8. Kung-Fu Drumma [1:10/1:24]

9. Get Up [3:12/4:04]

10. Tonight [2:36/2:48]

11. Rapid Fire [2:50/2:56]

12. Wrong Number [3:10/3:12]

TOTAL PLAY TIME 35:56/42:06

Two Versions of the tape will be available: Mixed and Un-Mixed - The Mix version being £3 ($5) and Unmixed Being £4 ($7) OR Both together for £6 ($11)

It will be available for download or a physical CD copy

I also plan on using the mix as a demo to send to radio stations etc.


OR purchase as a digital download from my store at reverbnation now! <a>http://www.reverbnation.com/store/s tore/artist_409703?item_type=music

-Too Nasty


wats poppin

2008-11-04 22:42:03 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

need tagz for tha takeova 3


Intro/Exclusive Track
Drop Em
Tha mob pt 1
Dope boy swag
Tha mob pt. 2
Ride slow
Between Da Linez
Dat cali

iv got diffrent styles comin out of me right now, i hear yall robotic soundin producers on here stickin to the rules doin the same ol same ol haha not me man ima show u wots really good

keep watchin

send tags to martyn.mccue@ntlworld.com

wats poppin

what it iz

2008-07-10 09:38:44 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

whats good?!

iight 1st off

to make an announcment..

im done with beefin on this site. fuck it.

people can use beats i drop to diss eachutha but i aint gettin involved no more its borin, plus i got people on both sides dat im kool with n they about to clash foreal from what iv read n been hearin.

yall need to chill out n get back to the music.

lemme clear sum shit up tho

1. Lejin - If ur gonna beef with enione PLEASE stop makin childish shit up then usin it agenst em because it gets borin as fuck realllllll fast n people laff at u, plus its a real unproffessional attitude to have that u cant take critisism when u desperatly need it.

2. Ses - keep doin ya thing but u gotta chill out when sum1 tells u sumthin u dont wana hear brah, like when cajete sed sumthin n u tried to get his address n shit, calm down man is it worth smackin sum1 ova sm internet shit? jus change ya attitude up n make sum hot music man thats why people shud b here ratha thn beefin with eachutha all the time.

3. Cajete - Ses showed me what u sed bout what happend with u n NDP n u know as well as i do that ALOT of that woz bullshit n u aint got tha right to call me n saynt cock suckaz for stayin with tha crew when u left n called urself an exile bruh u woz the bitch in that situation not tha utha way round. we woz an army n reven woz the general he wernt sum power hungry bastard like u made him sound, so please dont talk shit about it, u got sumthin to say bout NDP say it to me not utha people cuz i bet u aint ONCE said eny of that shit to an actual NDP member. i remember when it started man it woz me n u then reven then saynt n we were fuckin killin it man i cant understand why u left at all, that woz ur problem not ours.

im done with tha beefin now i jus had to get that shit off my chest so reply to this shit in a professional manor cuz i rele cant be fucked with all the shit talkin people wud normally put if they dont agree with what ive just said

Money/Music > Bullshit -1-

Chek Out Tha Myspace

what it iz

fuck lejin

2008-07-02 14:59:25 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

since u blocked me like tha bitch ass no talent havin mothafucka u are this is the onli way i can get at u

so fuck u

honestly tell me where all this bullshit ur putin out is goin? huh? u aint goin nowhere boi go on eni real site like rocbattle.com n see if people really feel ur shit u wack mothafucka

post up a mixtape on datpiff.com n see how fuckin far that shit gets

evrytime sum1 sez sumthin u dont wana hear u come out with gay shit like "u steal makeup" or "u suck yo momma" n u got your head so securly inserted in ur ass that u cant imagine urself bein wack, when ur problly the wackest bastard on here, uv got no flow n no decent lyrics ur shit is jus garbage DJ SES cud hand ur ass to u eni day man i aint jus sayin that cuz im rollin with him im statin the obvious, evry one here knows it.

get tha fuck outta here with ur annoyin gay bullshit u lil punk make sum real music this is hip hop man go post ur shit in the pop section if ur gonna carry on, its real borin son

n all my beats are wack? why wud u steal wack beats? when was the last time u made a beat? when woz the last time that shit woz hot? i cant rememba hearin nothin hot from u even when we woz cool, i woz supportin u but the shit woz still wack, ur egos taken over now so ur neva gonna get eni better n ur neva gonna move from NG cuz that shit aint neva gonna work on anotha site foreal

u suck

KO -1-


ayo lejin

2008-06-30 12:28:30 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

heres a rresponse i cudnt send cuz ur bitch ass blocked me

At 6/29/08 5:04 PM, Lejin wrote:
: you a fagget for letting somebody put they finger up your ass and change. lmfao pussy fart ass n***a XD

ur a fagget for
1. not tellin me u were usin the beat
2. suckin when u got on it n ruinin it

ur music aint shit bruh u need to pull ya head out ya ass n look at ur shit cuz u aint goin nowhere outside NG with that bullshit bruh foreal


heres sumthin

2007-11-26 09:45:23 by BeAtBrEaKeR187

check out "we dont play"

an "real"

cuz haters mowed them down as soon as they hit the site

no one evn saw em

i mean i posted em at a stupid time in tha day wen no one woz on

but god damn